Work I did


A side view 2D puzzle game. We tried to build a 3D world in a 2D view and use different z-depth to represent the 3rd dimension. I worked as a gameplay programmer and game designer in this project. The following is a trailer for the game.

USC GamePipe Game Engine AI Module

USC GamePipe Game Engine is developed by graduate students in game development program. All the core modules one engine needs has been integrated into GGE, such as physics system, animation system, AI module, HID system, and debugging tools etc.  I worked on AI module with other 3 students.

The previous students has developed an AI module. However, they didn't integrated it well with GGE. Thus, we decided to start over.

The AI module now has path finding and steering. In addition, we bind Lua script with AI module. Thus, user can use Lua script to access all the functions provided in AI module. Here is an overview of AI module we developed.

WaterColorization application

It is a computer program which can transfer a realistic image into water color style painting. To find out more about how it is designed and implemented, check it out here or see slides below.

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